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1. IGNORANCE: most practitioners that are advertising not conversant with all the concept of utilizing superstars to advertise the brands. These people were employed to merely advertise, showcase the products of the customers to watchers, that they did. These people were not profoundly tangled up in any marketing technique to away do brands from rival businesses.

2. INDIFFERENCE: A few had been instead indifferent, adopted a approach that is lackadaisical the style, given that they believed that the utilization of celebrities had no influence on the standard output for the advertisements produced, so just why bother with them?

3. UNWILLINGNESS TO INVEST: Most Clients were unwilling to pay for the costs needed to engage the services of this celebrities to market the brands into the advert (that was never as expensive when compared with exactly what obtains today). Just a few consented to the soliciting and ultimate utilization of celebrities like the now defunct Universal Trust Bank (UTB advert: Chief Zebrudaya and Jegede of this brand new masquerade TV series popularity), Visine attention falls (Regina Askia), Morning fresh (Bimbo Oloyede), Panadol ( Ovuleria, Akpena into the TV group of this new masquerade), New Elephant Blue detergent (Chief Zebrudaya, Samanja)

4. LOW COMPETITON: A handful of organizations with rivals producing brands in the exact same sector existed. Into the 80's we essentially had two known rival brands of services and products drawn from different spheres for eg Detergents "Omo and Elephant Blue", Soaps "Lux and "Cussons Imperial leather", carbonated drinks "Coke and Pepsi", vehicles "Peugeot and Volkswagen". A few companies produced brands that went unchallenged such as Okin biscuits, Peak Milk, Maltina, Robb, Thermocool fridge/freezers on the other hand.
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Historic websites are shown in adventure prone movies and specially having a scriptwriter that is creative can surround such internet sites with mystery and suspense related scenes. Such historical sites include the very first storey building in Nigeria, Slave slot jetty and market, The Ancient town walls and gates of kano, Ancient walls with seven gates (katsina), Mongo Parks's cenotaph and Zungeru (tombs of more than a hundred colonial helps of lord lugard (Niger), Kpambo and Fikiyu mysterious rocks (Taraba) amongst others.

Stories revolving around priceless artefacts/relics found in museums are told eg relics of this Akassa raid (Rivers sate), relics at the nationwide War Museum (Abia), Gidan Makaman (kano), Oron museum (Akwa Ibom), Lagos, Benin, Plateau could be used to develop a head movie that is blowing. Perhaps the utilization of luxury resorts and resorts have not been fully explored by the filmmakers including the Sheraton resort & Towers, Eko Hotel and rooms, Transcorp Hilton, Protea Hotel Obudu cattle ranch resort, La Campagene Tropicana coastline resort. Some scenes in Kunle Afolayan's "The Figurine, araromire ended up being shot at the Miccom Golf resort and resorts.

Nollywood films are seen by thousands of people far away through exportation of exact same or via DSTV's "African Magic" which ultimately shows Nollywood movies to over 1. 5 Million customers in Africa, European countries and also the Middle East. Yoruba and Hausa films are said to have their own stations on the cable place where people can watch. Nigerians themselves are not exempted from visiting tourism web sites. Where tourism that is such record an astronomic increase in the influx of tourists, then Governors, Honourable Commissioners of Tourism is going to be propelled to partner with filmmakers to advertise tourism websites within their jurisdiction which would act as a welcome alternative of income for the states.